Divided Dreams and Forked Thoughts

Driving the speed boat on a winter noon,

the wind messing through my hair

Almost as playful as your fingers.

So easy to lose control, of the boat, of course; and my head around you.

The sunlight dimmed by my glasses just like my wits by your charm.

You were the moon, I was the sun.

The days brought memories and the nights? Ghosts of our past.

Sadness is a good incinerator.

 But it isn’t really you, I guess. It’s probably me.

Divided dreams. Forked thoughts. Parallel ideas that never meet.

I only hold on to let go.

A moment I celebrate you, in the other be disgusted.

At one instant I think of forever and in the other I want you to leave.

So easy to see, know but so difficult to feel.

I guess you’re at fault, too.

You’ve changed me in ways I cannot handle.

I do not like the things I end up doing for you.

I am not ready but I am willing. Maybe?

On divided dreams, forked thoughts and parallel ideas you reign.

You were the moon and I? The sun.

For you to shine, I had to burn.



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