Why is it that I always become that one person in everyone’s life that can be mistreated without the intervention of their conscience? Why do I stand up to be the expendable variable? The variable on which nothing and no one needs to depend. Why do I end up becoming the punching bag?

Why do I invest so much into a relationship only to realize I hold no real importance to them? Why does my memory hold so much criticism from people I have done nothing to but loved?

 And why can I not treat them the same?

                     It’s because you’re the expendable variable. The variable people can depend on to kick away but not lose.

You’re beautiful. You’re not worthless or unimportant. You’re a necessity. You’re a necessity that people can’t live without. You’re the punching bag that makes them strong. You’re not what they scar on. What you don’t realize is you’re the mark they’ll not be able to rub off.

Of course, you take hits and surely you break but you’re stronger than any of them. You’re much bigger than people who think they are bigger than everything else. You’re the strongest of them all. You know why?      

    …Because you don’t need an expandable variable. You grow stronger with every hit you take, Let them beat you down. Let them bruise you up. With time, you will realize that their hits don’t grow. You become resilient. You become prepared and strong. And mostly you realize that things that don’t grow with time, you grow out of. Lie down till you’re strong enough to get up; because once you do people will only stop and stare.

    …Because you’re NOT the expendable variable and people who think you are, are bad at math. You’re not something they can ignore and make sure they realize that when it’s too late to recalculate. You’re your universe. You’re not expendable. You cannot be ignored; you are the key to your own equation. Do not expect fools to realize your worth.



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